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It Started, Quite Simply, Like This...

It's not a lie to say that half of all inventions happen by accident, because when we decided to mix high in protein Quinoa, mix seeds, rich in fibre wholemeal flour & cornmeal (Not polenta) to make Pizza bases, we never expect to get something really extraordinary and unique, that's how Dan & Angel was born..

Fibre and protein are one of the most important part of a balance and healthy diet. It can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, colon cancers, weight gain, etc.etc. By the way the math on weight loss is actually pretty simple. In order to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume. Sounds easy, right? The problem is that in order to feel "full," receptors in your stomach also require a certain amount of food. Here's where insoluble fibre, like wholemeal flour, cornmeal & quinoa in particular, plays an important role: so it basically helps create a sensation of satiety by filling you up, but then passes right through you without adding to the net calories you are eating, fibre is only found in food that come from plant, so meat, fish and dairy products don't contain any fibre.

The idea to create Dan & Angel come up because we could never find a place with an alternative to the traditional pizza (99.99% of the restaurant are doing the same boring thing) so primarily we decided to shake up the traditional pizza format and Secondly we wanted to move away from the "old school" and offer something NEW, UNIQUE, and DIFERRENT, though something really good for your HEALTH and also tasty (As our flagship D&A Halloumi Mediterranean pizza) So we hope to see you soon

Yandira F. Justiniano

Jorge Villaroel

Abraham Valverde S

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The Best D&A Pizza halloumi Mediterranean
High in fibre, thin garlic bread made with multiseed flour, generously topped with roast and grilled seasonal vegetables, avocado, basil pesto & Grilled Halloumi Cheese!

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Why you don't try our pizzas in wholemeal, multi-seed & quinoa base!