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We're not just ANOTHER BRICK ON THE WALL, we’re different, our pizzas are protein rich and high in fibre, made from superfoods including quinoa, mixed seeds, whole grain and corn meal flour, suitable for anyone who wants to eat healthy. Well, if you're lucky enough to eat anything you want and not gain an ounce, then you can also indulge yourself with the traditional white flour base too.

Abraham Valverde S.

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"Great Pizzal -
The staff really look after you here. I think their pizza`s are among... - READ MORE"
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Wandsworth2010 - London, United Kingdom
"Favourite Restaurant -
We lived just off St John's Hill for two years, and Dan and Angel was our... - READ MORE"
Testimonial Thumbnail Image helenCJ2017 - London, United Kingdom
"Wow! Great venue! -
We came here for a dinner and been nicely greeted by waiter. Staff definitely... - READ MORE"
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Ingverinka - London, United Kingdom
"Friday night friends dinner -
It was really refreshing to come out for a meal and being able to have a healthy... - READ MORE"
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Em88Lou - Surbiton, United Kingdom

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