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Quinoa  and wholegrain pizzas

Our Story 

about how we change the pizza history


Imagine enjoying a delicious pizza without feeling sluggish and bloated afterwards. well, that's what we have achieved
We have developed a new version of a healthy and still delicious pizzas, how? quite simple, adding quinoa and wholegrain flour we make more hearty than the traditional,

In simple words, one of our thin  8inch pizzas would have similar filling effect as if you eat a thick 12inch with the traditional doughy else where, so you're likely to eat less, reduce your calorie intake and stay satisfied longer, plus fibre from quinoa improve your digestion and add protein.


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143 St. john hill 
Clapham junction SW11 1TQ 

Monday to Friday  17:00pm– 22:00pm

Saturday and Sunday    12:00pm–23.00pm

Tel: 020-77381222

Email: info@dnarestaurant.uk