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We're not just another restaurant in London

Innovator of the year 

Wandsworth award 2019

Eatery of the year 

Wandsworth award 2018

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Wandsworth Business Awards FINALIST Logo

We’re the first restaurant in London using top ingredients  like Quinoa and whole grain flour to make pizzas bases, we passionately believe when it comes to innovation, small ideas mean BIG changes,


Pizza has been reinvented (by us)

Swapping out unhealthy ingredients for healthy & balanced alternatives, we have managed to create healthier pizzas

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Are you looking for something healthy?

We're not joking when we say some of our pizzas has fewer calories than a muffin, just like our D&A halloumi Mediterranean pizza (picture above) has 154 kc/100g tested by Eurofins Laboratory results

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Trying to follow a healthy lifestyle, follow us......