Quinoa & wholegrain pizzas

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we have managed to reinvent pizzas


As human beings we always keep changing, as soon we identify an issue, we look for a solution, that's why today, we do more recycling, have more electric cars, we try to cut our sugar, salt, saturate fat consumption, etc. Basically we try to avoid anything that may affect us and our future generations, so we keep looking for new products, ideas, and ingredients which may help us to improve our health and quality of life, without it means we no longer enjoy the things that we like the most, this all about Dan&Angel. 

We’re the first restaurant in London using ingredient like superfood rich in fibre and protein Quinoa, cornmeal and wholegrain flour to make our pizzas bases, by doing that, we aim help everyone increase fibre consumption, which is crucial to prevent gastrointestinal diseases, obesity, diabetes, etc. Increasing fibre intake is a safe and inexpensive dietary strategy to reduce the risk of heart disease and lose weigth

We passionately believe when it comes to innovation, small ideas mean BIG changes,


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143 St. john hill 
Clapham junction SW11 1TQ 

Monday to Friday  17:00pm– 22:00pm

Saturday and Sunday    12:00pm–23.00pm

Tel: 020-77381222

Email: info@dnarestaurant.uk

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