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Our vision and mission...

Let's be honest, most of the food that we eat today is potentially bad for us, mainly because they are made with refined ingredients which we all know have been stripped of all bran, fibre, and nutrients. So it makes sense return to the Old-School and begin using most often traditional ingredients like whole grains, in order to treat and avoid health conditions
Due to our son's health issues, we decided to develop a particular sort of pizza crust that would minimise the most unpleasant side effects of eating pizza. in simple words, rather than clogg keep our gut healthy. in essence, we manage to create a crispy, light, extra-filling, protein-rich, high in fibre, and still delicious pizza crust.
Incorporating more natural or less processed food into your daily meals, such as quinoa and wholegrain, may significantly boost the quality of your food.

At Dan&Angel, we are committed to being innovative. we strongly believe that small actions can make great changes.


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