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For many good reasons pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world, It’s delicious, affordable, good for sharing, versatile, etc. but unfortunately over the  last few decades PIZZAS have barely improved, rather now they are far more harmful than before, mainly because most of them are made with unhealthy ingredients like highly refined low in fibre dough, heavily processed meat and also tends to be extremely high in calories.

Obesity, diabetes, bowel cancer, cardiovascular infectious, respiratory diseases among others, are directly associated with a low fibre and over-processing natural foods consumption, so increasing fibre intake and swapping out unhealthy ingredients for healthy & balanced alternatives must be our paramount.

We're the first restaurant in London using high in fibre wholegrain & quinoa to make pizzas bases, by doing that, we aim help everyone to increase fibre consumption, which is the most safe and inexpensive dietary strategy to be healthy.

What our customers say

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Having eaten here on many many occasions I can testify to this truly magnificent find for both the health and budget conscious gourmet, it will leave you fully satisfied without blowing the budget. A place of rustic charm with vintage wooden floors and antique furniture set with real character amid the fresco walls with a traditional open pizzeria, modern kitchen and cocktail bar.

Exceptional starters include Zucchini Calamari tempura, traditional Empanadas, and a variety of delicious tapas all hand made fresh the same day. A selection of lovingly handmade pizzas and truly divine main courses include Spicy Beef Pizza with matured steak, Seafood linguine with Green lipped mussels and a signature Halloumi Pizza with Grilled vegetables containing less calories than a muffin!

“Great find - delicious and healthy!.”

We had a delightful meal here. Most difficult part of the meal was selecting what to have for starters and mains, I liked the look of at least 6 main courses. They have a real focus on offering 'healthy' variations of standard meals. I had a chorizo pizza but it was made with a quinoa pizza base, it was absolutely delicious.

Excellent, healthy and delicious

I am not local to the area. My partner and I found this restaurant by luck, liked the menu and appearance so decided to try it. I am very happy that we did!!

We both had the starter of Calmari and Zucchini. It was cooked perfectly and was delicious. We both then had the spicy beef pizza. Again high quality and tasted really good. I really like the pizza dough used here. So much more flavour than in the chain pizzerias.

Amazing food and service

A friend recommended Dan & Angel for the pizzas and duck dish. We had the pizzas on the wholemeal, quinoa & seed base which was amazing and so tasty! We've never had such a tasty pizza base that doesn't leave you feeling sluggish afterwards

A true gem for healthy food in the heart of Clapham

This place serves up the most wonderful food. I first went when looking for something healthy and stumbled across the halloumi pizza. Piled high with grilled vegetables and a quinoa base you just have to try it! I’ve been back.


Amazing pizzas! Lovely, friendly service.

Last night was my third visit to Dan and Angel and I took three friends who had never been before. We were initially going because it was on Taste Card, but primarily because I remembered how amazing the pizzas were.... And still are!
I had the Mediterranean veg and halloumi quinoa base pizza, which is just amazing (see pic), and my friends had the goats cheese roast veg salad (again see pic), as well as the mushroom risotto - quote 'amazing' - and the picante pepperoni pizza (also fab).


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