Our Vision ...and mission

For many good reasons PIZZAS, are one of the most popular foods in the world, are delicious, affordable, versatile, good for sharing, etc. unfortunately, over the last few decades, PIZZAS has barely improved, in fact, now are far more harmful than before, paradoxically, small changes like adding fibre and reducing the amount of heavily processed  meats in our pizzas can make a huge beneficial difference,

Over the last few years, we have been developing a new type of "delicious and hearty PIZZA crust”, which means swapping unhealthy for healthy ingredients like Quinoa, natural cornmeal, and wholegrain flour (Quinoa is one of the most protein-rich and high in fibre grains we can eat) and also replacing heavily processed meats options for fresh meat and vegetables, just to make sure  to get a HEARTY and balanced pizza

At Dan&Angel we passionately believe in innovation, because small ideas mean BIG changes 

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Questions & Answers

Q: What is the real benefits of choosing QUINOA -WHOLEGRAIN pizzas?

A: While refined, low in fibre white flour and cheese are the best combination to clog your guts, however, fibre from QUINOA, CORNMEAL, and WHOLEGRAIN flour, which are the main ingredients of our pizzas bases, produce the opposite effect, beside this helps to feed, grow, and sustain healthy bacteria in your intestines.

Q: Are our pizzas gluten-free?

A: They are NOT, while QUINOA AND CORNMEAL are gluten-free, we still use WHOLEGRAIN flour.

Q: Does OUR pizzas make you gain weight?

A: NOBased on widely known research, plant-based foods, such as our D&A Halloumi Mediterranean, Goat Cheese Mediterranean, Vegan, Mushroom PIZZA, etc. are extremely high in fiber and low in calories, which is one of the safest ways to eat healthy and to lose weight.

Q: Does OUR pizzas contain NUTS?

A: NOour pizzas don't contain nuts?

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Quinoa Salad